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In today's dynamic business landscape, staying ahead is not an option - it's a necessity.
We offer tailored AI and LLM based solutions, custom made for your business. Ranging from industry-specialized applications to context-aware chat bots, we focus especially on Large Language Models and business automation.
Dive into the next generation of your company with AI at the core. Ollsoft s.r.o.

AI solutions

Unlock the Power of AI Language Models

At Ollsoft, we specialize in developing custom AI language model solutions that empower businesses across various industries. Our expertise lies in leveraging the latest AI language models, such as OpenAI's GPT, Meta's open source LLaMA 2 and more, to create context-aware chatbots, AI-powered tools for government solicitation, law, accounting, marketing, content localization, and technological documentation generation. With our solutions, you can streamline processes, enhance productivity, and drive growth.

Context-Aware Fine-Tuned AI

Custom Chatbots and AI Tools with deep knowledge about its surroundings and company data optimized for specific use cases.

AI infrastructure setup

Enhancing Data Security and Customizability with OpenAI's Custom Azure Deployment and Open Source Large Language Models.


Accelerate your business with automation

Tap into Ollsoft's expertise in AI and machine learning to bring next-level automation to your business operations. From AI-driven customer support systems to tools that detect AI-assisted plagiarism, our solutions are designed to streamline processes and deliver unparalleled accuracy. Partner with us to reduce operational costs, improve efficiency, and set your business on a fast track to sustainable growth.


Reduce costs and enhance performance to gain a competitive edge.


Our tailored solutions easily integrate with your current infrastructure.

Experience High-Quality AI Solutions with Ollsoft

Experience with LLMs

At Ollsoft, we have extensive experience in the AI industry and specialize in working with multiple models like OpenAI GPT and Meta's LLaMA.

Data security

Our AI-powered tools are designed to provide context-specific solutions, such as chatbots with knowledge of your products and AI tools for government solicitation, accounting, and more.


We offer consultancy services to help you utilize AI effectively, teach your employees to use our AI tools, and provide fine-tuning of language models for your specific use cases.

Ollsoft's ecommerce solutions have revolutionized our online store. Their expertise in automation and web development has helped us streamline our operations and boost revenue.

Jane Smith

Marketing Manager, XYZ Company

Ollsofts automation integrations free us from eshop administration so we can focus on business growth. When we receive an order, we don't have to do anything and it just sorts itself out.

Oliver Hague

Director of

The Ollsoft Collaboration Process:
A Roadmap to Success

Step 1: Comprehensive Needs Assessment

The first phase of our collaboration involves a meticulous evaluation of your organization's specific challenges and goals. A team of Ollsoft specialists will engage with you in detailed discussions to understand the scope and nuances of your project. This sets the foundation for a tailored solution that aligns with your strategic objectives.

Step 2: Solution Design and Development

Upon gaining a thorough understanding of your needs, our multidisciplinary team shifts focus to the design and development phase. Leveraging our expertise in AI, machine learning, and automation, we construct a custom technology solution aimed at achieving your business outcomes. Throughout this phase, we maintain open communication lines to ensure the project stays aligned with your vision.

Step 3: Implementation and Ongoing Support

The final step involves the careful deployment of your customized solution within your operational environment. Rigorous testing protocols are followed to ensure optimal functionality and security. Beyond deployment, Ollsoft provides ongoing support and periodic updates, ensuring your technology remains at the forefront of innovation and continues to meet your evolving needs.

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Explore our portfolio of innovative projects and solutions.

Rowan AI

An AI tool for lawyers that streamlines jurisdicture research, helps with court stratiegies and offers contract data extraction while maintaining high-level data security.
The tool significantly accelerated work processes and enhanced case outcomes, enabling the law firm to achieve cost savings and increased efficiency.

AI Interactive Log Debugging

An Interactive Debugging Tool Byte Ship revolutionizes the way engineers interact with extensive log files. Utilizing a powerful LLM, it offers a unique, conversational interface that allows users to effectively "communicate" with their log files. This innovative enhances efficiency and accuracy in problem-solving for engineers.

A tool that accurately detects AI-generated text in multiple languages. Utilizing advanced neural networks, it achieves over 90% accuracy in identifying AI-produced content.

This has enabled educational institutions to effectively combat AI-assisted plagiarism in academic work.

Resume Sculptor

An app tailored for government contracting agencies, designed to automate and standardize the CV formatting process. By ingesting resumes or LinkedIn profiles along with specific government requirements, the app generates compliant, consistently-formatted CVs that meet the government's strict criteria.
This automation has saved agencies considerable time and effort, directly contributing to their success in securing government contracts.

AI chatbot and automation

A fully automated e-shop specializing in VR and VR accessories. We implemented a customer support chatbot that assists users in finding products tailored to their needs and provides informative explanations about VR technologies.

This innovation has significantly boosted sales by enhancing the customer experience while reducing the amount of resources spend on customer support.

Dialogues Through Time

A beautiful educational history game. The goal is to talk to famous historical figures like Socrates, Leonardo da Vinci, and Jesus Christ. It uses a special AI system and Microsoft Azure's advanced services to create a personalized learning adventure for each player. The game is designed to be engaging and informative, letting you experience history in a new and exciting way.

Please note that due to the nature of some of our projects, we are not allowed to display them fully in order to comply with the client's security standard.

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